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from our speakers 

day 1

Becky Hart

Making Your Website Work For You

Yasmin Mason

Melanie Grace

Suzi Mitchell

Suzi Bird

Fed up with a stunning website but no inquiries? Your site is vital for your business, but where to start? Join Mel to uncover the website essentials that boost your site, consistently attracting more clients and becoming your business's beating heart.

Workflow 101

Join Becky as she walks you through her client-proven workflow. Discover the secret to an effortless workflow that streamlines your business, saving you valuable time. Implement step-by-step guidance and unlock the ultimate ease in your operations.

Build the ultimate business plan

Embark on a transformative journey with Yasmin as she leads you through strategic planning for marketing, pricing, systems, and goals over the next 12 months. Lay the foundation for the career and life you desire, starting with a comprehensive business plan.

Little White photography 
Branding that leads to success 

Mastering the Gram

Join suzi as she takes you through how to build a cohesive amazing brand, which will inspire people to book with you. Plus, some key tips on how to use social media to both reinforce your brand, while becoming a solid marketing platform.

Dive into the realm of Instagram with Suzi as she unveils her expert insights, offering invaluable tips and secrets to establish a powerhouse brand on the platform. Say goodbye to uncertainty as you discover how to harness the full potential of Instagram, making it a powerful tool for your business success.

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Q&A with our Speakers
Pizza & Prosecco Evening
Q&A with our Sponsors Panel

day 2

Aimee Laoise

Money Mindset

Ally Stuart-Ross

Charlotte Lodey

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Q&A with our Speakers

Know your worth and love yourself first.
Charlotte will take you on a journey through money mindset and why we often let negative money stories hold us back from charging our worth. 
The confident, happy, carefree version of you is there for the taking! 

Discovering who you are as an artist 

It’s time to build a business that is authentic to you and ultimately thrives. Discover who you are as an artist, not just a business owner 

Learn to love selling

Join Ally as she helps you discover how to unlock the inner salesperson in you, everyone has one!
Let go of that stinky feeling surrounding selling and delve into how your pricing structure goes hand in hand with sales, along with actionable steps to get you on the right path.

Linzie Russo

How to love your weekly marketing (yes, really!)

Julie Christie

Imagine a world in which marketing your photography business didn’t feel like such a damn chore? Julie is here to show you how to quickly, and easily market yourself and your photography every single week, using a creative process that you might just bloody . . . enjoy!

Discover your signature edit

Linzie will break down how to create your signature editing style and nail a consistent edit using presets in Lightroom. You will discover how Linzie prepares her images for print and always ensures beautiful skin tones and white whites, everytime!



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