I’m Maisie Eden, and I run a family photography business in Dubai, UAE (Maisie Eden Photography). I moved to Dubai 2.5 years ago for my husband’s work and set up my business about 4 months after we moved. It’s been wild, but I love it! My focus is on capturing motherhood and family moments. I love to […]


July 23, 2023

Gather to Grow Spotlight – Maisie Eden Photography

Woman holding a camera and smiling

We’ve been a part of the photography world for quite a while now (over 13 years, to be precise), and we’ve seen some things! The industry we love so much has grown rapidly, as has the education world. However, here we were, five of us in a hot tub having a break from business, so what were we talking about.. business of course!

June 15, 2023

The one that started it all – Gather to Grow 2022

Gather to Grow speakers and attendees

Gather To Grow