How would you feel if…

If you are reading this nodding your head, we have some exciting news for you! We can help you to elevate your business, leaving you feeling confident and empowered to pursue your dreams. 

Your calendar is filled with dreamy clients who can’t wait to work with you.

You confidently increase your prices and start charging what you’re truly worth.

You reclaim precious time to spend with the people who matter most in your life.

Booking clients becomes a breeze, as you exude confidence in your pricing and services.

Overwhelm becomes a thing of the past, and you feel on top of your to-do list every day.

You build a thriving photography business that sustains the lifestyle you’ve always desired.


Hey I’m Mel, I started my business over ten years ago when I was 21 and had no idea what I was doing. I built my business from the ground up with no investment, no clients, and no experience. It took me five years to figure it out and become successful. Then I relocated my business from Buckinghamshire to Cornwall and had to start all over again! But I did it; I re-launched my business, built a brand new client base and learned a new market alongside being a Mum to three beautiful children. I now have a brand that is distinctive and consistent. My diary is always booked up three to four months in advance. I am proof that investing in yourself and your education is the fastest way to elevate your business. If I can do it, so can you!  

Imagine what it would feel like to create the photography business of your dreams. 

Melanie Grace

Hey, I’m Yasmin and I have had a successful photography business for the past 13 years. I’ve navigated carrying, birthing and raising 4 children during my career, plus becoming the sole provider for our family of 6. I truly believe as a women, you can have it all. The career, the kids and the happiness. I have rebranded my business three times, I have my own studio in the Hampshire countryside and I now have 2 successful separate photography businesses. I have been able to do all this, alongside raising a family because of the systems I have put in place for my business. You are a master creator, you were born to create and thrive on this planet! You have everything inside you that you need, to build a successful business for yourself. Let me help you find it. 

Yasmin Anne

- Alex / Untold Photo

“Working with Yaz this year, was one of the best business choices!! I couldn’t be more pleased and very happy with where I am at! I honestly wish all of your future mentees amazing things”

- Paige / Paige Anderson Photography

“Yasmin has massively helped me plan my business and I’m so excited for the next 12 months! I get easily overwhelmed and can never focus on just one task, but I now feel so motivated and less overwhelmed. Thank you so much Yasmin!”

 - Jen / Jannife Brown Photography

“As someone who struggles with organisation, writing and planning, Yaz has been a godsend. She has given me clarity for my plan & goals for the year”



The Topics I Cover Are...

Yasmin Mason

Melanie Grace

The topics I cover are...

How to set your goals

How to manage your time

How to improve your website / portfolio

Create an amazing client journey

My top shooting tips

How to create connections

How to tell a story through photography

How to create your post-production process

How to nail your workflow

How to sell more products

Deep dive into your business

Writing a 12 month business plan

Quarterly goal setting and time blocking

Website/portfolio review

Branding review and strategy

Marketing review and strategy

Quarterly advertising plan

Onboarding clients and workflow

Equipment and camera setting advice

Editing and workflow instructions 


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